Saturday, December 18, 2010

Cataclysm Catchup

My cold has me by the ear and is dragging me around without mercy- once I got home from work today I actually spent all afternoon/evening in bed. But, since I haven't done any "catching up" posts since Cata went live, I figured I would cobble one together real quick.

First up, Lark is 85 already. I totally meant to level Turron first, so I could be ready when our guild starts raiding, but once I got on Lark she just kinda took over. I did get Turron to 81, at least, but I'm already planning on leveling Pitch and/or Barraccus next, so no idea when he's going to get finished. There is a bright side (not that the bad side is all that bad, but anyway)- Lark's guild is looking at possibly starting up raiding, so even if Turron gets neglected, I may be able to raid anyways. And on one of my favorite classes, too!

The only bad thing I'm seeing right now, in fact, is that the only decent weapon I've been able to find for her is a stupid gun. Blah.

Lark's been able to keep several of her pets up to her level, which has been great. Komah and Quiloe are already 85 with minimal playtime (stupid cold) and Saetta, her fox, is catching up. She has 2 tenacity pets as well, Seyvo the bear is waiting for his turn to level, and her newest addition, Kevo:
I hate spiders. Loathe, really. Arachnophobia doesn't even cover it. I am justifying her having a shale spider, however, because he looks more like a little stone crab. Crabs I can handle. Besides, he's a good little pet, and the squeaks he makes are adorable.

I'm working on coming up for a story for Saetta, because she will be an in-character pet. It's taking a backseat to my current Dav/Arvoss story, but it will be done eventually.

So other than Lark-stuff, I've also gotten Pitch up to 81 already. Rested xp is a wonderful thing. And besides that, I've been tinkering on my worgen. Meet Rheugan.

He's a druid (yes, another one!) and I will be working him into some RP, mostly with Pitch, as Pitch will be mentoring him. Rheugan is a bit messed up right now, but he's a good kid, and I think it'll be fun seeing what I can put him through. Also, worgen cat form, rawr.

I loved the worgen starting zone, and am already thinking of what toon to start next just so I can go through it again. I'll make a goblin eventually, but for now the worgen have my attention.

Can't think of anything else to add, so til next time Happy Hunting!

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