Thursday, August 12, 2010

Random chatlog is FUNNEH

Monday night saw a lot of activity in the IC chat channel. For lack of anything better to post, I thought this was too funny to pass up. And yea, Pitch and Alanon tend to wrestle a lot when they get together; it's a brother thing. >.>

Also, NSFW warning for language, and for Sey just being Sey.


[exileic] Pitchblàck: .... scuse me, I see someone that needs pounced
[exileic] Seylon: AWW. Pitch!
[exileic] Seylon: Get on back here.
[exileic] Alanón: Too late, little brother. I see you
[exileic] Pitchblàck: ...drat
[exileic] Pitchblàck: Get back where?
[exileic] Feliche: What other meanin' could y'be gettin' at? She said th'point'a her dress is t'have't torn off an fucked. An' y'offered t'help wit'r dress. What other meanin' could there be?
[exileic] Seylon: Fel, you're real hung up on hatin' Jeb m'thinkin'.
[exileic] Feliche: Fuckin' SI:7.
[exileic] Pitchblàck: See? That was why I was hav-mph- ing doubts
[exileic] Seylon: Yeah, yeah. But you're nice t'that little fuckin' psycho with th'tentacle monster. He ain't no worse.
[exileic] Jebediaeh: Ya'll ever helped a lady take off a dress right proper? And I ain't no Sevens no more.
[exileic] Seylon: Oh! Oh I have!
[exileic] Seylon: Helped th'gal with her dress.
[exileic] Pitchblàck: Tentacle monster?
[exileic] Jebediaeh: Ain't right easy sometimes, is it, ma'am?
[exileic] Feliche: ...y'still know more'n y'oughtta. An' yer implyin', 'en, 'at y'wanta take't off an' fuck'r, still.
[exileic] Feliche: Jes' cause y'ain't tearin' don' change a thing.
[exileic] Pitchblàck: Do I even -want- to know about the -oof- tentacle monster?
[exileic] Alanón: Please, tell him about the monster. It's distracting him nicely
[exileic] Feliche: ...Sky's never introduced y't'her friend?
[exileic] Pitchblàck: Hah!
[exileic] Pitchblàck: Oh, that one -oof-
[exileic] Feliche: Was th'implication, indeed.
[exileic] Pitchblàck: Yes, I met him...OUCH
[exileic] Seylon: Ya know garters, yeah? Like th'garter belts?
[exileic] Alanón: Sorry Pitch
[exileic] Pitchblàck: No you're not
[exileic] Seylon: Ya know it near took me fifty years t'learn how t'unlatch one'a them stocking garter thingers with one hand?
[exileic] Alanón: *snicker*
[exileic] Seylon: S'a life skill.
[exileic] Seylon: Trick is findin' a gal who'd wear them things.
[exileic] Seylon: Takes a lady type. I ain't met one'a them in a while.
[exileic] Seylon: Fel, I wanna lady-type.
[exileic] Feliche: Eh?
[exileic] Feliche: Y'got one in yer class.
[exileic] Jebediaeh: Ya reckon Ms. Loreli does?
[exileic] Seylon: With th'laces an' unders all satiny an' th'pretty flouncey shit.
[exileic] Alanón: Pitch, watch out for the- *cat wail*
[exileic] Alanón: ..... edge
[exileic] Kost: Not worth half the effort somedays.
[exileic] Seylon: Lore?
[exileic] Seylon: . . . she ain't a pretty unders type.
[exileic] Jebediaeh: Yeah.
[exileic] Feliche: Y'checked?
[exileic] Pitchblàck: I'm okay!
[exileic] Pitchblàck: ... you know, if anyone was wondering
[exileic] Feliche: S'good Pitch, m'glad.
[exileic] Seylon: Was! Pitch, was.
[exileic] Seylon: She's more practical.
[exileic] Seylon: Huh. Bettin' Lore's unders are prolly flat satin, black.
[exileic] Seylon: If'n she's dressin' up.
[exileic] Pitchblàck: *Rawr*
[exileic] Alanón: Oof
[exileic] Seylon: Other folk're different.
[exileic] Feliche: Well, Sey...y'got options.
[exileic] Seylon: Threnny an' Aely? Simple an' white. Maybe pink for Aely cause that'd be cute as hell.
[exileic] Feliche: Either y'go out an' get one, or y'wait 'til yer done wit' yer current class.
[exileic] Pitchblàck: Aha! -mnph- Got y-
[exileic] Seylon: I don't fuck 'em while they're students!
[exileic] Feliche: What'd I jes' say?
[exileic] Seylon: S'wrong.
[exileic] Seylon: I know I know.
[exileic] Seylon: So I gotta go get one s'th'problem.
[exileic] Feliche: Right.
[exileic] Seylon: What do ya think Annalea wears?
[exileic] Seylon: Bet she don't wear no unders.
[exileic] Pitchblàck: *growling, scuffling noises*
[exileic] Jebediaeh: Reckon ya can rent one fer the night. A lady, I mean.
[exileic] Feliche: *sighs*
[exileic] Seylon: S'a topic m'interested in!
[exileic] Seylon: Y'outta be too.
[exileic] Feliche: ...I don' care what folks wear.
[exileic] Alanón: Would anyone care to explain to my brother why he keeps losing to cat smaller than he is? *snicker*
[exileic] Pitchblàck: Oh shut it
[exileic] Seylon: Prolly cause he's impatient.
[exileic] Feliche: Cause he ain't wearin' th'proper underpants?
[exileic] Seylon: Most younger folk -CACKLES-.
[exileic] Pitchblàck: Am -mrrph- not
[exileic] Feliche: Y'ain't wearin' underpants, 'en?
[exileic] Pitchblàck: Wait
[exileic] Feliche: S'yer problem right there.
[exileic] Kal: *snickering*
[exileic] Alanón: *laughter*
[exileic] Seylon: *snorts*
[exileic] Pitchblàck: DIDN'T SAY THAT
[exileic] Feliche: Go get yerself a nice loose pair'a boxer briefs, feel free's a bird wit'out th'junk bouncin' 'round everywhere.
[exileic] Seylon: Explains why Sky likes ya so much.
[exileic] Feliche: S'convinient an' comfortable.
[exileic] Alanón: Pitch, edge
[exileic] Pitchblàck: Whoops
[exileic] Feliche: An' only one button in th'front, fer easy access too.
[exileic] Pitchblàck: I might *grunt* try that sometime -oof- Fel
[exileic] Feliche: M'tellin' yeh, s'th'bee's knee's.
[exileic] Seylon: Oh, Fel. Crazy Cora left a present for ya
[exileic] Feliche: ...throw't out. I don' wan't.
[exileic] Pitchblàck: Cheating!
[exileic] Seylon: She made it her own self!
[exileic] Feliche: S'probably a dead rat.
[exileic] Seylon: Ain't. S'a necklace.
[exileic] Alanón: That is not cheating, Pitch
[exileic] Feliche: A necklace made'a dead rats?
[exileic] Seylon: Acorns.
[exileic] Feliche: ...acorns.
[exileic] Seylon: Yeah.
[exileic] Pitchblàck: Wait, a dead rat necklace?
[exileic] Seylon: Nope. Acorns.
[exileic] Alanón: No, Pitch, you can't have one
[exileic] Pitchblàck: .....
[exileic] Seylon: It'd fuckin' smell.
[exileic] Pitchblàck: Acorns are cool, too
[exileic] Feliche: ...acorns leak tree sap, th'woman's tryin' t'torture me.
[exileic] Feliche: Y'ever try gettin' tree sap outta chest hair?
[exileic] Alanón: It wouldn't, because he's eat it before it began smelling
[exileic] Feliche: S'pretty much th'worst torture ever.
[exileic] Pitchblàck: ... what's wrong with eating dead squirrels? Easier than eating them alive
[exileic] Alanón: Pitch!
[exileic] Pitchblàck: *another cat wail*
[exileic] Alanón: .... I think we should find another spot
[exileic] Riàtha: (Kal)*snerks*
[exileic] Pitchblàck: I'm fine! ow
[exileic] Pitchblàck: So um, is anyone at the Pig?
[exileic] Seylon: Ain't, an' we gotta get back soon 'fore Crazy Cora burns th'fuckin' house down.
[exileic] Pitchblàck: .....
[exileic] Feliche: *grunts* ...we? When th'fuck'd at happen?
[exileic] Seylon: Well she was sniffin' round th'house earlier!
[exileic] Kost: Was planning on passing by, but considering that last conversation, I felt it best to look elsewhere.
[exileic] Feliche: ...I told yeh s'a bad idea.
[exileic] Seylon: Went wanderin' back into th'woods.
[exileic] Seylon: Which? Th'underwear one? M'sorry, darlin'. Didn't mean t'offend.
[exileic] Seylon: Was just funnin'.
[exileic] Feliche: ...yer mockin' me.
[exileic] Seylon: How'm I mockin' ya?
[exileic] Feliche: Y'are.
[exileic] Seylon: I ain't!
[exileic] Kost: Pft, hardly offended, was more of a moment of bloody hell, why did I leave the volume up and why is this lot staring at me now.
[exileic] Seylon: Ah shit.
[exileic] Seylon: Should warn ya t'turn your box down when I get goin'.
[exileic] Seylon: Seems I misbehave, but i make up for it in charm.
[exileic] Seylon: A'right.
[exileic] Seylon: Fel, s'a nice necklace for somethin' made outta acorns.
[exileic] Feliche: ...s'er treesap leakin' outta it?
[exileic] Seylon: No!
[exileic] Feliche:, s'too obvious.
[exileic] Feliche: More likely sh'rigged it t'explode in m'eyeballs.
[exileic] Feliche: Or scream at me 'til m'ears bleed.
[exileic] Seylon: It don't. You're bein' ridiculous.
[exileic] Seylon: Anyrate, we're off folk.
[exileic] Seylon: Behave yourselves. Sorry 'bout th'offense, Kost.
[exileic] Pitchblàck: So who is crazy Cora anyway?
[exileic] Pitchblàck: Oh, night you two
[exileic] Feliche: Th'nuttiest bitch y'ever met.
[exileic] Seylon: New gal in th'set'a sentinels we're trainin'.
[exileic] Feliche:' y'don' wanna meet.
[exileic] Seylon: She's crazy.
[exileic] Kost: No harm, no foul.
[exileic] Seylon: She's funny as hell.
[exileic] Pitchblàck: Mkay, I'll take your word for it
[exileic] Feliche: S'gonna get someone killed.
[exileic] Seylon: Fel's bein' all prejudiced 'gainst crazy people.
[exileic] Seylon: Ya know th'reports say she's hyper-intelligent.
[exileic] Feliche: She tried t'piss on me.
[exileic] Seylon: Like smarter than you an' me combined.
[exileic] Seylon: SHE FUCKIN' DID NOT.
[exileic] Feliche: Don' come across s'intelligent.
[exileic] Feliche: Well, whatever.
[exileic] Seylon: *grunts*
[exileic] Seylon: Right. Night folk.
[exileic] Pitchblàck: Night!
[exileic] Feliche: Ayeh, catch y'lot later.
[exileic] Alanón: Goodnight

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