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Lark: Quiloe

Yes, I am a petaholic. This fills up Lark's stable, but that's fine with me because I can't think of any other pets I'd like her to get. And yea, this is an IC pet, hence the story. Enjoy!

P.S. For clarification, her name is pronounced "Quil-oh-ee".

The wolf pup had never been this far from home before- home being the sprawl of Jintha'Alor, where the trolls raised her kind as allies in their never-ending raids. But she had been hit by a surge of wanderlust, and no one saw her trot off into the Hinterlands grassland.

She hadn't meant to go far, but one interesting sight or scent led to another, and soon she was completely lost. As evening began to fall, she started casting back along her trail, trying to find her way home. But she was young and inexperienced, and the trail by now was muddled by other creatures, the scent growing old and faint. Whining under her breath, she struck out in a random direction, trusting in fate now to get her home.

She stopped when she saw the stronghold, knowing through instinct that the dwarves were enemies and not likely to welcome her. With full dark coming down, and no other alternatives apparent, she found shelter in the lee of a boulder and settled for the night.

She never even scented the big male gryphon- out patrolling his territory one last time before he went to his own bed- until it was too late.

* * * * * *

Lark wasn't sure why she decided to take a walk once her business in Aerie Peak was done. When the faint whine reached her ears, she wasn't even certain she had heard it. But she found herself poking around the rocks near the entrance to the Plaguemist Ravine anyway.

She almost gave up when the whine came again, and she saw the black face peek at her from around a boulder further in. She crept up carefully-just in case it was something come down from the Plaguelands- and peered around the rock.

"Oh, you poor thing."

The smallish black wolf that stared back at her was only a year old at the absolute most, likely not even that. It- she, rather- had curled herself into as small a ball as her torn-up sides would let her. It seemed obvious to Lark that one of the Wildhammer's gryphons had found the young thing and attacked her.

The wolf snarled, and Lark was reminded that young and hurt she may be, but she was still a wild animal. She knelt, speaking quietly to her in Darnassian, and was rewarded by the soft thump of a wagging tail. Encouraged, Lark edged nearer, stopping when the wolf snarled again. This time it lacked the desperate edge that it had had before, so she added a coaxing note to her voice as she continued talking to her.

After several minutes of growling, whining, and tail-thumping, the wolf finally wriggled toward the elf. Lark hardly dared to breathe as the young canine crawled up to her, coming to a stop at her side with a last pained whine. Carefully, she placed a hand on the wolf's back, receiving another wag in response. Permission granted, she began examining the animal's injuries.

The first thing she noticed was that this was not one of the big Silvermane wolves that prowled the area and hunted the gryphons here. The little female looked more like the smaller, faster wolves bred by the native troll tribes- possibly a runaway that got too close to Wildhammer lands. The gryphons, naturally, saw any wolf as a predator, and Lark couldn't blame them for the attack. It was simple instinct.

The second realization was that the attack had apparently happened several hours ago. It appeared that the bleeding had stopped, but the exertion of crawling to Lark had made several of the cuts start oozing again. The hunter was also disturbed by the size of the gash that started on her left shoulder and went partway down her foreleg. The animal favored the leg heavily, unwilling or unable to bear any weight on it. Lark knew she would need a healer for this- the wounds were beyond her skills to treat. Carefully, trying to jar the wolf as little as possible, she lifted her up in her arms, then headed back to the Peak.

* * * * * *

The wolf had spent a miserable night after she had fought free of the gryphon. He hadn't chased her once she got in among the boulders, instead leaving to go find his nest. Torn and bleeding, the youngster had curled up as well as she could and spent the long night shivering and whining.

She had never seen an elf before, but this person spoke to her more kindly than any of her troll masters had, and she felt safe with her. When the elf lifted her up, she merely tried to stay as still as possible, trusting that the stranger would make everything better.

* * * * * *

Lark knew that the dwarves had a long-standing hatred of the wolves that preyed on their gryphons, but she had hoped that the wolf's young age and pitiful condition might soften their hearts enough that they would help. Dwarves being dwarves, she reflected now, she should have known better.

Arguing with them while the wolf whimpered and trembled in her arms quickly shredded her temper. "Fine," she snapped. "If you won't spare any of your medical supplies, at least let me rent a gryphon to get her home."

The dwarf she had been addressing gave a snort. "Lass," he told her. "Ye won't find any o' our gryphons'll be willin' ta carry a wolf. Yer crazy ta think 'o tryin' it."

Lark just gave him a level stare. "How about if I can find one that will carry her, I get the ride free of charge?" she challenged. The dwarf's eyebrow rose. "Done," he said.

Lark kept the smirk from her face as she looked over the gryphons present, finally choosing a female that had sat quietly through their entire argument. After a few minutes of sweet-talking, she swung herself up into the saddle, the wolf supported in her arms again. The dwarves present all just blinked in surprise as she gently kicked the gryphon up into the air.

The long flight to Stormwind gave Lark time to think. What am I going to do with her? she wondered. I've got Tuah and Komah already, I don't need a third pet. The wolf distracted her by turning to lick at her face. Nether, she swore to herself. I'll figure it out when she's well.

She was able to hold onto the wolf and manage her buzzbox while flying, so Pitch was at the flight master's waiting for her when they touched down. "I've looked all over for Alanon," he said apologetically as they headed toward the Mage District and her room at the University. "He's not in the city, and he's not answering his buzzbox either."

Lark cursed softly again. "All right then, it can't be helped. I have a job though, and I have to go. Can you watch her for me til I get back?"

I can watch her. Komah padded over, rumbling quietly in welcome. The wolf tried to shrink away when he came near, but the huge cat simply stared into her eyes for a few moments, and she calmed down. Komah lay down at her side, and she gave a thump of her tail. Go on, she'll be fine.

Lark nodded, then looked to Pitch. "Keep trying to find your brother? If you still can't reach him, I'll try to find another healer when I get back." At Pitch's nod, she turned and left.

* * * * * *

[exileic] Wildlark: So. I could use a healer if there are any about?

[exileic] Aelflaed: I'm in Stormwind, if ye need?

[exileic] Wildlark: That'd be perfect. Where at?

[exileic] Arrens: We're along the docks, Madam Lark. Is everything alright?

[exileic] Wildlark: And, ahh, do you have any objections to working on animals?

[exileic] Aelflaed: No, though I dinna ha' nearly th' experience wi' such.

[exileic] Wildlark: Arrens, everything's fine. I just made a new friend and she's a little beat up

* * * * * *

Wildlark is carrying a young wolf.

Arrens says: Good eve, Madam Lark.

Aelflaed says: 'lo Lark.

Aelflaed peers at the wolf.

Wildlark sets her down, steadying her as she stands on three legs.

Wildlark says: Evening boss

Aelflaed says: Wha' happened?

Aelflaed holds out her fingers to the wolf, but doesn't make any eye contact.

Likal ’s Tallstrider Kanoni peers at the wolf, taking interest.

Wildlark says: I found her up in the Hinterlands, after she tangled with a gryphon

The wolf sniffs cautiously, looking at the others with wide eyes.

Aelflaed winces. "Ouch, wee one."

Likal purses her lips.

Aelflaed kneels down slowly, letting her fingers fill with Light, to see how the wolf reacts.

Wildlark says: Pitch's brother picked a bad time to be out of town, otherwise he'd have taken care of it

The wolf watches, but doesn't move.

Wildlark says: She's not aggressive at all, just young, so she startles easily

Aelflaed says: Trust me jus' a moment, wee one, aye? Need a look ay yir leg.

Aelflaed murmurs softly under her breath, gently running her fingers through the wolf's fur.

Likal ’s Tallstrider Kanoni starts to pace and bob her head. Likal looks over at Kanoni, frowning slightly.

Likal says softly, "I better get going. Wouldn't want to interrupt the healing."

Aelflaed mrrphs. "Ye did a proper job, aye, wee one?"

Wildlark gently pats the wolf, who wags her tail at the contact.

Aelflaed fills her fingers with light, gently healing the various claw marks and then pushes a good deal of healing energy into her left foreleg.

The wolf flinches and whines, but that's all.

Aelflaed stands back up, gently scritching at the wolf's ears.

Aelflaed says: She'll be a'right.

Wildlark says: Yep

Aelflaed says: Keep her quietish, aye? Th' claw marks'll heal easy eno', but tha' gash is nasty

Wildlark smiles faintly. "I know. I've had a few animals before now.

Aelflaed says: She got a name yet?

Wildlark says: Quiloe

Aelflaed gently pats Quiloe.

Aelflaed says: Sweet thing, seems.

Wildlark says: She is

Arrens says: Can we expect to be seeing Quiloe around the University then, Madam Lark?

Wildlark looks a bit embarrassed.

Wildlark says: Ahh, probably yes

Arrens nods.

Arrens says: Very well. I'll have the proper arrangements made. Erm...what do domesticated wolves eat anyways?

Lorelli says: Cow? Sheep?

Aelflaed says: Bear burgers.

Arrens says: Whole?!

Wildlark says: She'll eat the same things that Tuah and Komah do, Proff

Aelflaed says: If she's anythin' like Rog, she'll eat pretty well anythin'.

Arrens nods.

Arrens says: Very well. Then I can cross wolf provisions off the list of things I'd need to worry about in the morning.

Wildlark scratches Quiloe's ears. The wolf turns to lick at her face.

Lorelli says: She gets really hungry I'm sure you could toss one of the worst of the trouble makers.

Lorelli grins wickedly.

Wildlark snerks.

Aelflaed grins.

Arrens shakes his head slightly.

Wildlark watches Quiloe walk critically.

Wildlark says: That's much better, thank you

You bow before Aelflaed.

Aelflaed smiles.

Aelflaed says: Muscle an' skin are easier than most everythin' else - an' na' that differen' on differen' critters. 'm glad I could help.

Wildlark says: If you'll excuse me, I'd like to go find Pitch

Arrens says: Of course. Be well, Madam Lark.

* * * * * *

Lark watched contentedly as the little wolf sniffed around a patch of grass. She moved a little stiffly, but she did put weight on her leg and her other wounds were little more than pink lines through the fur. "You know, she's going to have some pretty impressive scars. Aely did a good job, though."

Pitch, sitting next to her, nodded. "So," he said casually. "Do you know what you're going to do with her?"

Lark frowned. "I don't need another pet," she said a bit defensively. "She'd make three, and it'd be impossible to give them all the attention they need."

Pitch nodded agreeably. "She does like you alot, though. Have you asked the others what they think of her?"

She shrugged, watching as the wolf moved to another grass patch and sniffed again. "Tuah doesn't care. He's happy so long as he's with me and I'm happy. Komah says that it's up to me, and he's fine with whatever I decide." The big spirit-cat lying nearby opened his eyes and rumbled agreement.

"Well then," the druid replied. "Why not keep her?" Lark simply shrugged again, her expression showing her inner conflict. Pitch glanced over at her with a small, knowing grin. "Does she have a name?" he asked casually. Lark shot him a dirty look.

"Quiloe," she answered. Hearing the name, the wolf pricked her ears and trotted over to flop down at her side, tongue lolling happily. Lark began scratching her ears as her tail thumped on the ground. Pitch wisely held back his snicker.

* * * * * *

The wolf- Quiloe- was happy. The elf had made the pain stop, as she had known she would. She was well-fed, and the two cats she apparently shared this territory with were quiet and left her alone. And she felt good around the elf, like some of the hunter's feelings were being placed in her head. She even liked the name the elf had given her.

Quiloe knew nothing about hunters and their pets, but she could sense the bond growing between them, and was content. All was well in her world.


(The chatlog of her healing was an afterthought. It was kinda long to begin with, but after adding that it just sort of exploded. I guess I just like MWoTs?)

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  1. That was really cute. My toons should meet Quiloe, I think every one of them will love her.