Monday, April 19, 2010

Pitch's Ghost: Striking back

Pitch and Lark made their way to their new favorite sitting spot, at the fountain overlooking the harbor. Kalenedral and Channi were already there, on the top basin, watching the sunset. Kal had one arm wrapped around Channi as the death knight leaned against her shoulder. Lark looked up at them, saying in greeting, "Hi, you two." Channi flushed slightly as she quickly sat up. She tried to cover it with a wave. Kal greeted them back, "Heya."

Pitch's reply was a grunt as he hopped up to the edge of the lowest basin and sat. The warrior and death knight both peered at him, noticing for the first time that his hackles were standing up all along his spine. Lark sat down next to him, a troubled look on her face, as Tuah jumped up with them and curled up in the bottom of the basin. Channi asked, "Is everything Ok?" Lark looked from Pitch to the others, frowning. "I'm not sure."

Kal raised her eyebrow inquisitively at Lark, but Pitch answered before the hunter had a chance to. "She's back, I saw her in the Mage district." Kal looked confused for a moment. "She?......Oh." Pitch flattened his ears. "I jumped at her this time." Kal's eyebrow went up again. "... And?" Pitch's answer was a growl, "She smiled at me.... and vanished before I reached her." Kal shivered slightly as Channi looked around with a worried expression.

Kal cursed softly in Darnassian, earning a curious glance from Channi. Pitch growled again, "I'm done playing. If she wants to follow me around and pop up out of nowhere, then she better be ready." His lip curled in a slight snarl. "Because I'm watching for her now."

"Pitch," Lark cut in. "I don't think you should mess with her." Pitch glanced at her. "You didn't see her this time, did you?" "No," she replied."Just a trace of that smoke you mentioned, but not strong." "Do you still believe me?" he asked. "Of course," she said immediately. "Then let me handle it my way," he said, a little more softly. Lark frowned, but let it drop.

Kal did not. "Elune blast it, Pitch," she swore, then hesitated. "Just be careful." He replied, "I will."

* * * * * *

The cat was angry. This was not a particularly unusual thing, but it was a different sort of anger this time. The elf was threatened, and the cat felt it. Subconsciously, it understood that any threat to the elf was a threat to itself as well. It tested the strength of its restraints, then went back to pacing restlessly in its cage in the back of the elf's mind, grumbling and snarling.

It had been a long time since the cat was allowed free. Maybe it was time to change that.


Planning some RP with Pitch, tonight or tomorrow night. Gotta see how it goes, then I might post it up here. Should be fun!

Well, maybe not so fun for Pitch. Poor guy, I've been torturing him a bunch lately.

Also posted here, with a little more info.

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