Monday, April 26, 2010

Leveling Spree! and Other Stuff

Wow, what a week. RP has settled down some after Pitch's run-in with his ghost, although a few other ghosts are making their characters miserable. Speaking of Pitch, Lark was pretty upset when she heard about what happened (she yelled at him), but has since calmed down. Things are almost back to normal.

So, what's going on besides that? Well, for starters I caved and made my first purchases from the Blizzard store...

Yes, I got both of them. >.> But hey, that's one pet for each account, right? Also, the in-game pets are ADORABLE. And to top it off, I discovered something when I took them to Outlands- they fly!

Yes, they fly behind you when you're on a flying mount. That alone makes them worth it. Pitch's wyvern cub hasn't had any trouble keeping up so far, but I have noticed that Lark's gryphon tends to lag behind a lot. I haven't figured out why yet.

Lark is now 65. /boggle. I've been leveling her like a fiend, she'll probably be in Northrend by next weekend. Then I'll have to hope I don't hit Northrend Burnout, like I have with a couple other toons (poor Shaur, Quae, and Zuuluu...).

I've been really lucky with her so far as random dungeons have gone, though my sister hasn't been so lucky with her warrior. Lark hasn't had a bad group since the ninja-pair she ran into in Sunken Temple...

(Can you figure out what they were doing? Yeeaaahh.)

Short post is short(-ish), but I've got stuff to do. Been trying to write up some stuff that's flying around in my head, but Writer's Block seems to have returned with a vengeance. Argh.

Happy Hunting!

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