Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Updates (Because this blog needs more Star Wars)

So 5.3 is out, and I am underwhelmed. Still feeling the WoW-blahs, so I haven't done much in-game yet. I did get 2 of the new battle pets, but the RNG hates me and hasn't let any others drop yet, and I just don't have much patience.

Still doing a lot of SW:TOR, in fact I've done a full post on my non-WoW blog here, if you wanna read. I believe my biggest problem in WoW right now is that everything is so focused on the Horde-Alliance war, and I'm just not a war-like person at all.Yes, there is fighting going on in Star Wars, but it's not so focused in most of the class storylines, so it doesn't get me so burned out.

There's a lot more going on too, like my depression that still hasn't completely gone away, but I really don't want to get into it here, so...


I do plan on taking Rheugan out to the Barrens and do some Troll Rebellion Stuff eventually, though I'm probably just going to get the hydra pet and leave it at that. Still, pets. Also planning on doing more raid-farming with Sis for the other pets, plus dino bones on the Isle of Giants and stuff like that. It is easier to stay interested in WoW if I have someone else with me.

Rheugan is still complicated. I brought him to last night's RP and he did okay, so that's good. Plus I got some good intro possibilities for him going to the Barrens ICly, so that's another thing. I'm hoping that if I just let him go along and don't poke him too much, he'll get stuff sorted out and become "fun" again.

I can't really think of anything else to add, so have some SW screenshots. It's not WoW, but it's still pretty.

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