Friday, January 25, 2013

Catching up

Apologies for the blog silence, but I've been so danged tired over the last couple weeks that I haven't even been doing much on WoW, and I figured I would wait til I had enough to actually make a decent-sized post. So.

First things first - Lark is finally 90. She dinged a few days ago, actually, and she's gotten her Cloud Serpent rep finished already, thanks to finding a ton of eggs; it only took about 3 days of actual dailies to get there. Most of the time there was nobody out there while doing them, so all the eggs that spawned were all hers - one advantage to leveling her so "late", I guess.

I have a jade hatchling I named Sheth, so this is his grown-up version. Blame Mishi. I figured if she can be all tiny one minute, then grow up to full size to give someone a ride, then all cloud serpents ought to be able to, right?

Now that she's done with that, I'll start working on Golden Lotus and stuff. She's been doing Shiedwall stuff too on occasion, though I'm still toying with the idea of duoing her and Pitch through dailies as much as possible.

Planning to level Booggah next, so I'll have a max-level on Horde-side. Still working on Rheugan, too - he's still 87, but he's about to ding thanks to a lot of recent archeology. And I also want to level Barraccus, since everyone I know that has a DK has been crowing about how awesome they are.

I got him to 85 a few weeks ago, then took him out to get the beginning MoP quests done. He's been parked since then, waiting his turn with the rest.

Laoden is now 63 and working his way through Zangarmarsh, which is still one of the few zones I'm not tired of yet. I'm trying to avoid thinking of leveling him through the Cataclysm zones, though. >.<

I've been wanting to level my guys on Wyrmrest Accord as well, my troll shammy Rajast is 77 now so he doesn't have too far to go. My next highest are all in the 71-73 range, so I have options if I want them.

Pet battling continues as well. I just got the achievement for 30 pets at 25, which gives a better trap! Still have a lot of wild-caught pets that are grey/white/green, so that'll come in handy. And I've still got a bunch I want to level, so hopefully the next cheevoh won't be too bad to get. I've finished the Northrend trainers, and now I'm working on Cata ones, so more dailies too! And I got lucky with a dragonkin battlestone, which I'm going to save for whenever the Riders finish a Tarecgosa and I can get the whelpling.

There was probably more, but that's all I can think of at the moment. So, til next time Happy Hunting!

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