Saturday, January 12, 2013

Catching Up - Pet Edition

I don't even know where to start, so here, have a bunch of pictures.

Finally found one of these guys, and it was a rare!

Tried duoing BWL with Pitch and Lark. It worked surprisingly well, and I wound up with this guy (finally)!

And once I had my chromepuppy, I got this guy!

This girl turned out to be a beast, and now she's my go-to lowbie-leveler. Varshuna is getting a well-deserved break.

Was checking Tanaris one day, and noticed the sky turning dark just as I logged out. Logged back in quick and nabbed myself a couple of these!

Had a rare one of these and leveled him up. Turtles are pretty awesome. He's named after a RL snapping turtle I used to have. :D

This guy has become one of my faves, he's a little powerhouse. I named him Ceasar. :D

Finally found a minfernal (gray quality, boo), but forgot to take a screenie of it. I've been going through several zones and upgrading all the pets I can to rare. I have quite a list of them at 25 by now, and still working on leveling. And I've unlocked 3 of the trainer dailies (really need to get going on Northrend trainers >.>), so I've been doing those pretty religiously. Gotten several battlestones from them, and I've upgraded a number of my pets- my worg pup, pug, and feline familiar are all rare now!

I'm 5 pets away from the "Level 30 to 25" achievement, so that's my main focus right now. That and getting the rest of the trainers unlocked, though for every trainer I've read up on, I find another pet that I need to level for it. Sigh...

Other than that, not much has really happened. Rheugan's current storyline is mostly wrapped up, just need to wait and see where he's going to go next. Lark is 89, closing in on 90. Once she does ding, I'm thinking of trying to duo her dailies with Pitch, so he can get exalted with a few more factions (Golden Lotus and Shado-pan, specifically). And there's the gearing up thing, ugh.

Laoden is 58 and in Outland now, though I haven't really done much yet. Debating running him through some dungeons before I start seriously questing. And I've decided to get Booggah to cap next, once Lark is finished, although I'm not really sure how much rep-grinding/gearing-up I'll be doing with my Hordies yet. Still, getting them both to cap would be nice.

I've picked up a few new mounts too, which I keep forgetting to mention. Sis and I decided to see how well we could 2-man Sarth for the drakes, and we actually did pretty well!

We did need help with the 25-man version. One of the Riders came to help for the first run, and we managed to 3-man him, just barely. Next week we had a bunch of Riders and friends to help, and we stomped him. So now Sis and I both have pretty new drakes!

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  1. Nice companions :) The crab can be very useful in a pet battle ;)