Wednesday, November 2, 2011

They come in bunches...

I seem to be making all my tames in bunches lately. This means that either Booggah will find his blue Madexx in a day or so, or else I won't see him for another month...

I had Boo out checking for Magria earlier today, and I randomly just said "I want his blue kitty!" to my sister. NPC_Scan went off just a couple seconds later.

*cues "Hallelujah" music*

This makes me so happy. I was more-than-half-expecting to find Ankha again- I swear that kitty has a thing for Boo.

And here, have a screenie of Lark with her new buddy-

Just... don't say anything about the name. >.>

I've been feeling better the last couple days, although I don't want to say I'm getting well yet, since when I did that before I caught a second cold...

Feathermoon has seen some more RP recently, I'll have to do some posts on that soon. Pitch in particular has his own role in part of it, and I will try to write that up ASAP. I've also had Rheugan's final chapter poking around in my head again, so maybe I'll get that finished up too. Then he can finally come back home!

Til next time, Happy Hunting!

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