Monday, October 31, 2011

Being a sickie

I've recently realized that I've been sick now for 3-going-on-4 weeks. Yeesh. I think I actually caught another cold just when I was getting over the first one, so at least I don't think it's all one big dose of "LAWLZ, YOU'RE SICK" happening. But it really stinks feeling this crummy for so long, and I'm getting tired of it.

I still feel half-asleep or spaced out most of the time, so I haven't gotten any writing done yet. Not much game-playing, either, with most of that being Lord of the Rings Online. On a plus note, I've gotten Basten the burglar up to 31 already, along with dinking around on my lower-levels.

Booggah ran into Skarr shortly after he found his Karkin, and when I got switched over to Lark he was still there, so she finally has the last pet I wanted for her. She's all set until whenever Blizzard makes hydras tameable. Boo is still looking for Magria and his blue Madexx, I can usually make myself log on once or twice a day to check for them. He will get them someday. *shakefist*

So, anyways, just wanted to mention what's been going on for anyone that's wondering. I'm hoping I get better soon- and if not, then I might have to make myself go see a doctor. Blah. :P

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