Saturday, August 27, 2011

Vacation Post!

As promised. I actually didn't spend a whole lot of time on the computer during our vacation, since we were with family and, you know, beach and stuffs, but I did try to keep up with Lark's Firelands dailies. Her raid group got Rhyolith down, which I missed out on cause of lousy laptop (which actually behaved way better than I had expected, but not so much that I'd trust it in a raid), but we got him down again last raid night, too, so that wasn't too bad. We have got Shannox down, in fact this past raid we 1-shot him.

Last Sunday night I had a treat when I got home from work- my first ever Rose Ball. Pitch and Lark got to dress up and hang with folks, and they even had a pet show (Lark wanted to enter, but Komah "politely" refused >.>). And at the end of the night they had fireworks...

There was also the small matter of Fells dinging 85 right before they set off the fireworks. We all waited for Deathwing to come torch us all, but he was apparently busy.

I picked up a couple new friends as well. Booggah just wasn't clicking with his mastiff, and I couldn't even think of a name for the poor thing, so we did a little switcheroo. Boo has a new dog now, and I was amazed at how much this little guy just clicked. Boo loves him.

The other new guy belongs to Lark. I had been scouting Sholazar Basin off and on for a few weeks now, hoping she'd run into this guy since he's the only devilsaur she's shown any interest in. I had no luck, however, until just a few days ago. And to try and shorten things up a bit, she's also showing off her other latest achievement.

I had trouble thinking of a name for her dino, but I think Arcus is sticking. She's got a rename scroll just in case, though. And the hippogryph made mount #10 for her, so she had a bonus achievement!

That's about it as far as getting stuff done. My brain's been taken up mostly with Rheugan RP lately, so no new stories besides his right now. Turron is less than a bar and a half from 85 himself, if I can only make myself knuckle down and finish it off. As much fun as I have playing my warrior, it's really frustrating how slow leveling him has gone. And then I'll get to start gearing him up....

Rillian is still coming along gear-wise, and ICly he's disappeared for the moment; he'll have to pop up sometime soon so Lark can yell at him for making her worry. Rheugan is 72 now and will be making his way ICly across Northrend. I am getting really excited about his storyline- it's been ages since I've been able to actually stick with a story long enough to get it all down, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed for him. Quae and Alanon are waiting patiently for their turns at leveling, and I've been playing my baby warlock Rhiany a bit too, so I should have no trouble keeping busy.

And now I ought to go sleep. Til next time, Happy Hunting!

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