Friday, August 26, 2011

Rheugan: Journey to Northrend

The ship’s bell clanged in the early morning air, sounding the last call for boarders. Rheugan picked up the travelsack containing all his worldly possessions- a couple changes of clothing and a few books Shaur had given him- then took one last look back at the city he had called home for the past months.

A flash of movement caught his eye, and he squinted up at the ledge above. He could just barely make out the two big birds sitting there, and he grinned as he waved up at them. They both stirred, growing larger, then Pitch stood and waved back, followed shortly by Shaur.

The ship’s crewmen began shouting to each other as they prepared to cast off. Rheugan quickly hopped aboard as they started hauling in the lines that had held it to the dock, and in short order they were under sail. Rheugan found a spot where he could see the ocean ahead and stood still, watching the land slide past.

He had expected to feel nervous, even afraid, and he wondered that he didn’t. All he felt was excitement. At last, he was finally doing something.

* * * * * *

Before too long the rocking of the boat was reminding him unpleasantly of his journey from Gilneas to Teldrassil, complete with the mild seasickness. Not sick enough to be hanging from the rail, he spent most of the trip huddled in his bunk in the cabin.

Once the ship was docked at Valiance Keep, he made his way off the ship and the docks under his own power, then found the inn by (literally) stumbling into the sign outside. He went in and took a room, then carried his things up and collapsed onto the bed, intending to rest just for a bit before seeing if they had any food his still-unsettled stomach could tolerate.

* * * * * *

Everything was chaos. The worgen came from the neighboring rooftops and flung themselves at Rheugan and his companions in waves. He could hear Crowley shouting behind him, but couldn’t make out the words. The small part of his brain that still held rational thought told him that the worgen were starting to pull back, that they had beaten them. Then came the sudden shock of teeth, tearing into his arm.

Rheugan woke with a start. The dream faded, and he sat up shivering, looking around the sparsely-furnished room. Dawn was just starting to change night’s blackness to gray, but Rheugan knew he would get no more sleep tonight. He fumbled in the darkness toward the door, then downstairs. Maybe if he was lucky there’d be something for breakfast already.

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