Saturday, February 11, 2012

Adventures in Pet-Collecting

Pitch is closing in on his Menagerie achievement, and I've been doing some pet-acquiring in my spare time. He's gotten about all the ones he can through buying- the rest are way too expensive in the AH so I'll need to do some old-fashioned farming. And he's been working on the few quest-rewarded pets that he hasn't gotten yet... one of those being the Lashtail hatchling.


So seriously, if you haven't done the quest chain and want to be surprised, don't go any further. I'm sorry. :(

Pitch had started on the quest chain a while ago, then I got distracted, so it was "fun" trying to figure out how far he'd gotten and where he had to go next. After some digging around- and a good deal of anxiety- I finally found he was on this quest, so off he went with hatchling in tow.

.... I don't have words for the rest of this quest chain, but needless to say I think it's become one of my favorites. Happily, I did take a number of screenies, so these will have to do.

She carried that skull around for the ENTIRE REST OF THE CHAIN. When the quest text says that she won't put it down.. well, you better believe that's what they mean.

The next part (that I failed to take screenies of) had Pitch taking her out to find troll fetishes. Once they got to the appropriate ruins, she started off digging them up before I even realized what she was doing.... and kept digging them up, even after the quest was completed, until she couldn't find any more. It was hilarious watching her toss the fetishes to Pitch, only to have a message come up saying he couldn't carry any more of those. And of course, she still had that skull in her mouth.

Next part I'm not even sure how to describe. Just picture a tiny raptor jumping on a troll and whacking him in the face with the skull in her mouth, and you get the idea.

I think by this point Pitch was doing this: "O.o"

And then Mandokir came and took his poor little hatchling away. Poor Pitch- we'd both gotten so attached to her by then that there was only one thing to do... queue up for Zul Gurub so he could get his baby back, of course! I even overcame my dread of tanking for PUGs just to get in faster.

And soon enough, reunion time! *cue cutesy music*

Of course, I went through all that without realizing what the actual pet did... until I took Pitch out to do some Kalu'ak-rep-farming, and during one quest that involved killing a bunch of ghouls, I noticed her running up to Pitch with something in her mouth....

"See what I brought you, Daddy?"

Yes, I know that's the Stockade. I forgot to get a pic of the ghoul-bone-fetching, so I had to make do. She brought him 2 ghoul bones, I think just in case he hadn't noticed the first one. >.>

* * * *

If THAT wasn't enough, after Pitch got done with Kalu'ak stuff for the day, I took him to Dalaran to see if he could fish up a rat. No luck there, but he did get a number of Magic Eaters, and I got curious...

Yes, he is holding his fishing pole there.

It allowed him to keep fishing in all 3 forms, though apparently wisps don't need poles to fish, and it was kinda too small to see as a basilisk. The only way to tell he was really fishing was his bobber in the water.

And now after all that silliness I need sleep. Til next time, Happy Hunting!

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