Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Have a Random Screenshot Post


Rheugan is still same as always. I'm not logging in except for the Tuesday night RP nights, so... yea.

His name is J'atoh.

I've started playing Final Fantasy XIV, though at the moment I'm just using the free month you get with purchase. I'll just be getting game time cards for it whenever I actually feel like playing it in the future. I'm loving the game so far, but it's also very frustrating as it's hard to just log in - the servers are all very full and I usually just make one attempt to log in, get the "server is full, please wait" screen, and give up.

One down, dozens to go?

Arvallon hit 55. \o/   He's still working his way through Makeb - I really ought to knuckle down and just get him the rest of the way through it. Altitis ftl.

Ard'riin's finally done with Tatooine.

Made another new agent. This is Lekhi. He's a jerk.

Taohn'reelta the bounty hunter. Because I love Chiss.

Still having fun with my various alts. Some of them are getting neglected, which makes me sad, but I'll get back to them eventually. (Valkogo, Raiffa, and Arv'ak, I'm looking at you!)

"Breaking Point"

Finished another Rheugan picture, and have another in the works. If I can't make myself play the game, at least I'm still doing something with the character. And the next pic is more of a "happy/normal" one, I promise.

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